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We aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment for any tanner. So, whether you’re a fair novice or a bronzed pro let our friendly staff welcome you to our salon. Previously ‘The Tanning Studio’, Electric Beach has undergone a complete overhaul of the facilities in Coalville. We have increased our studio numbers from five to seven and purchased two new high end lie-down beds.

The salon now boasts a total of 3 stand-up machines and 3 lie-down machines. Two of the stand-up machines use low pressure bulbs and one uses high pressure bulbs. The lie-down beds are all primarily low pressure bulbs supplemented with high pressure facial tanners.

We also have a state of the art automatic spray tan machine in our seventh room. The Opus 4 produces a beautiful even tan and is equipped with a drying system built in. One of the staff will help with the quick options selection (a choice of 4 shades) and then leave. The tanner can then lock the door and prepare for their spray tan and once ready, simply presses the ‘start’ button and the spray tan will commence in complete privacy. 

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