Facilities – Room Four


This machine is in our biggest room. With the megaSun 6800 you can tan in a high-end sunbed. The design and features of this device series set new standards for high performance. It boast 46 low pressure bulbs and 4 high facial tanners.

The megasun 6800 impresses with its outstanding features. Please see below:


With megaVoice, you can already lie back and relax as soon as you have been welcomed. A soothing voice guides the customer quickly and easily through the user functions of the Sunbed: errors are ruled out, feeling good is guaranteed– right up to the farewell.


musicVibration allows you to feel the vibrations of the music. It generates sound, by allowing larger surfaces acting as membranes vibrate. In this manner, the sound is evenly distributed throughout the tanning tunnel and the sound experience is complete: Feel the music!



The VolumeControl feature controls the volume of the music depending on the output of the body ventilation and relieves the Sunbed user of a constant highering or lowering of the music. This is megarelaxing!


With aquaCool, on the top part of the sunbed a fine water vapour is released through two special nozzles that function completely dripfree – both refreshing and revitalising.


If so desired, the air can be aromatised during the tanning with aroma concentrates (SUNRISE or DAYDREAM). Optionally, there is also the possibility of aromatising the cabin.


The high-performance air conditioning system for all megaSun- sunbeds guarantees a comfortable cooling during the tanning session.

As with all the rooms, room four has a tissue roll dispenser, two cans of deodorant (one women’s/one man’s), baby wipes, tanning goggles and a bin.

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