Facilities – Room Six


In this room is a Megasun 4000. This sun bed suits those people who aren’t interested in the the more complex systems on offer at Electric Beach. Or, for people who are a little technophobic and want to start on a lie-down bed. It has 40 x 6′, 160 watt tubes and 3 x High pressure facials. It also has body fans which provide good ventilation and ensure comfortable tanning. Both the fans and ventilation have options to increase or decrease power.

Other than these two controls, the control panel can be used to start the bed before the autostart or by pressing the stop button the tanner can turn the bed off before the time has finished.

As with all the rooms, room six has a tissue roll dispenser, two cans of deodorant (one women’s/one man’s), baby wipes, tanning goggles and a bin.

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