Facilities – Room Three


In room three is the Maxter V19-ER. This is a high pressure bulb machine. Not designed for use by beginner indoor tanners. People that prefer stand-up machines are advised to use this high pressure bulb machine to maintain a sensible UVA/UVB ratio by topping-up on their UVA Exposure on a regular basis. Due to the very low UVB concentrations (which can cause sunburn) and high levels of UVA, this machine is good for introducing the very fair skinned individuals to indoor tanning.

The Maxter V19-ER: advanced technology, maximum efficiency, comfort, safety and a design with open styling, allowing users to float in a bath of light without suffering from high temperatures and the unpleasant sensation of claustrophobia. Maxter V19-ER uses Evolution Reflectors to ensure more intense and uniform emissions. The DEC (Dynamic Energy Control) technology allows lamps to be controlled and monitored electronically, varying the UV emissions of the solarium.

Maxter V19-ER has four panels with 19 high-pressure lamps and ER reflectors. Technical solutions for enhanced safety include electronic monitoring of the absence of damage to filters, operating temperature and correct operation of the solarium ventilation system, with automatic halting of tanning session.

The internal space, their open styling, electronic variation of airflow to the face and body and a stereo radio and MP3 players add even further to the comfort of this remarkable solar shower.

As with all the rooms, room three has a tissue roll dispenser, two cans of deodorant (one women’s/one man’s), baby wipes, tanning goggles and a bin.

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