Facilities – Room One


Is the smallest room which means it gets hot. Inside is a Diamond, a stand-up with 48 low pressure bulbs. Unlike the lie-down beds, the stand-up beds don’t have additional facial tanners.

Other benefits

  • 48 x 2mt lamps
  • Grills instead of acrylic lamp covers
  • Start/stop buttons
  • Use in any tanning programme to minimise lines from lie-down beds

Room one is also equipped with a floor fan for post-tan cooling. As with all the rooms, room one has a tissue roll dispenser, two cans of deodorant (one women’s/one man’s), baby wipes, tanning goggles and a bin.

Bed one is a good option for anyone new to indoor tanning as the low pressure bulbs emit higher concentrations of UVB light in comparison to high pressure bulbs (as found in facial tanners). This frequency of light is responsible for not only vitamin D production but also for the stimulation of Melanin synthesis. Melanin is the chemical produced by the skin which forms a barrier to protect the human body against the harmful effects of UV radiation and as the melanin darkens its protective properties increase. At the beginning of a tanning programme, the key is short sessions using low pressure bulbs. Stand-up machines are recommended as they have no clear acrylic which also filters UVB light.

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