Simply Dark


Hypoallergenic Ultra Dark DHA Bronzing Lotion

You will simply get dark without the worry of irritating your sensitive skin. Powerful DHA Bronzers deliver deeper, longer lasting results while conditioning Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil and Mango Seed Butter provide the ultimate in soothing hydration. Having delicate skin doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the darkness you desire.

Skin Soothing Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil and Mango Seed Butter help to hydrate and condition delicate skin.

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Product Description

Dark DHA Bronzers provides deep, dark colour that continues to develop after UV Exposure.

A tan enhancing blend featuring Tyrosine helps skin prepare for maximum colour potential

No tingle

DHA bronzers

Sunbed Use Only

Not suitable for outdoor use

Skin test advised before use

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22ml, 250ml


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